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History, Values, Mission & Vision


Resurrection Power was organized by a group of Presbyterian pastors in the city of Washington, PA with a desire to spiritually support the 12 Step Recovery community in and around Washington Pennsylvania. Our Board of Directors come from a mix of clergy and laypeople, with a majority of members in 12 Step Recovery themselves. Our Board also represents a variety of Christian backgrounds.


In addition to our faith in Christ, one of our fundamental values is the belief that The 12 Steps, as first stated by Alcoholics Anonymous, were given to us by God, speaking into our culture a biblical and effective map for the journey of restoration. They in no way share the same authority as scripture – but when interpreted from a biblical perspective, they are a powerful tool used by God to redeem and restore the hurting, the lost, and oppressed.

Therefore our ministry embraces the 12 Steps and seeks to support people utilizing them in their journey of recovery and faith. We do not see ourselves as a substitute or alternative “Christian Recovery Program”. We love and support people IN 12 Step Recovery.


Our vision is to create a Christ-centered residential community in the midst of the city, engaged in the work of recovery from self-destructive behaviors. We will provide a safe, structured and spiritually focused environment for 12 Step recovery that will be a place of refuge for healing, growth, and training, as well as a stronghold for deploying fully functioning servants of Jesus into society.

Resurrection Power is a Christ-centered ministry recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Your gifts are tax deductible.

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